EducationSurvey 2013: Your comments – technology, teacher librarians

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OUR annual EducationSurvey asked school staff across Australia for their views on the issues affecting the sector. Thousands of people took part. In part four of our wrap up, here are just some of …



“Of great concern to me is the reduction in the number of Australian primary schools with a qualified teacher-librarian on staff. At a time when so much Federal BER funding has been put into primary school libraries, it is indeed a contradiction that primary school principals are allowed to continue down this road. I believe that deteriorating literacy levels are related to this current trend.”

“Most teachers are unaware of the role of the teacher-librarian. I have to place myself in the view of teachers to let them know what services I offer (though it is sometimes hard to collaborate due to time constraints).”

“It is sad to see so many Qld state schools totally dissolving the place of a trained teacher librarian. So much money spent on new libraries, yet many principals choosing to have teacher aides run the library and spend their funds on a HOC – who is more expensive than a teacher librarian to have on staff. If literacy is a major focus, why get rid of trained teacher librarians??”

“I am alarmed that teacher-librarians are a dying profession. There were costly BER buildings erected and these need to be correctly staffed. At the rate information and cyber bullying is expanding TLs are needed more than ever.”

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