Unit 3 – finished finally

As well as having a LinkedIn account, I have now got a Blog, Twitter, Skype account and have finally succumbed to Facebook for this PLN. I can see how you can get addicted. Have also worked out how to connect my Scoop.It account to other social media so I can broadcast my thoughts to the world.  Now I just have to remember which hat I am wearing whenever I broadcast anything!! No such thing as compartmentalising…….

Now do I go to Unit 4 of the PLN or Week 3 of my TAE course or watch the footy?  Dont know if I can do all 3 at once.


2 responses to “Unit 3 – finished finally

  1. That might be a bit too much multitasking!

    There are different schools of thought on the multiple identities issue, I can see arguments on both sides myself.

    Heath, for the PLN team

    • Understand the confusion…I am confused!! Luckily I most of my work and comments are across the education and training sectors so I dont muck up too much if I post something to the wrong area.

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