Monthly Archives: March 2012

Time flies

Well a week has gone by and my blog has been neglected. Not because I wasn’t using the technology but because like everyone else, life got in the way.

Before the rot set in, I did however change my Blog’s appearance, worked out how to add twitter to the Blog page and also get more from my twitter account, including searching hashtags. No mean feat I suppose.

I am still not keen on Facebook and have not reactived my account as yet. When I tried Facebook in the past, my past found me.  I am happy living in the present.

This week I will resolve to overcome my Facebook phobia and learn to manage it, not the other way around.


RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms

Challenge your own thinking about education. An oldie but a goodie

“This animate was adapted from a talk given at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert and recipient of the RSA’s Benjamin Franklin award.”

Musings Week 1 and 2

I thought that this PLN caper  would be straightforward as I have been using technology since 1980 (online searching  via an acoustic coupler and a Texas Instrument device) and the internet since 1989 (thanks to working for Telstra). However after the Elluminate session I am more overwhelmed than before. It was the case of “ignorance is bliss”, now it is, “I know nothing”

I was encouraged to hear that the PLN has assisted people working in a isolated professional environment, that is sort of me but also not me. What is me is, that I have a different role to other participants. This has got me thinking…..

Firstly, my personal and professional life blend into one, not because I am a workaholic but because I have multiple paid and unpaid roles within education and training sectors.  Secondly I am paid to find out stuff…

So in questioning my learning I need to ask; ” What do I need to learn to best advise others on what they should look at?” and “What is the best way to use the learnings to make my life professionally and personally easier?”

So that is my challenge fpr the next 12 weeks.

PLN Information

I have been described as a real life example of the application of transferable skills.  I started my life as a Librarian in Teachers Colleges which got me interested in education and training. I spent the fist 10 years in and around Higher Ed either supporting lecturers and students in becoming teachers and later as a lecturer myself.  I then used my  skills and knowledge and transferred into corporate information. Eventually education and training beckoned me back and in the last 10 years I have worked in and around the VET (Vocational Education and Training) sector. I now also work supporting teacher-librarians in the P-12 sector as Exec Officer of SLAV.

My own PLN and web 2.00 skills can both be described as patchy, So this will provide me with the opportunity to learn, consolidate and ultimately work smarter across the different roles I have.

PLN beyond P-12

I am interested in seeing how I can apply the PLN learnings into the VET and ACE environment.